Objectives of PILOT-I

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  • Creating a platform for learning
    Identifying development needs of local
  • Empowering women and youth to participate
    in development

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  • Filling communication gap between
    community and government
  • Creating political commitment and support
  • Promoting accountability in local governance


Objectives of PILOT-II

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  • Measuring citizens perception of and
    trust in local government
  • Evaluating citizens participation and its
    perceived impact on performance of
    local government
  • Measuring the impact of Right To
    Information (RTI) Act and its role in
    making government transparent
    and accountable

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  • Creating a critical mass to be
    employed in the proposed centre of
    policy and social research
  • Providing a research based product
    that will be of use for policy makers,
    advocacy groups, development sector
    organizations, donors and academia